Name Collage

This is a collage of words with my name and things that are a part of my life.

Greeting Card

This is a greeting card from my avatar, Uber Tuber.

Landscape Animation

In this project, I created a constantly-running animated landscape.


This is an animated tutorial demonstrating how you can become a dictator.

Clicking Game

The goal of this game is to click the monkey as much as possible in the given time limit.

Circle Array

This program simulates circles bouncing around with a random size and colour.


In this simulation, the player controls a submarine in a random aquatic environment.

Tank Game

The goal of this game is to kill the enemy tank while not getting hit by bullets.

Circle Art

This is a quick artwork that generates a shape out of just circles.

Jumping Game

In this game, you take control of a British soldier during the Falklands War while avoiding enemy projectiles.

Battle Arena

Play as either the Spanish or the French in this 2-player game set in the Thirty Years' War.

Senior Scramble

My final project really represents my mental state of mind this year, especially in the last months.