Russian Misinformation Project

This website details the influence of Russian agencies in US political discourse.

Technology Project

This website goes into depth about the history of airplanes as well as how they function.

Business Card

This website is a model of how my business card may look.


This website is a collage of various pictures that represent me, styled with CSS.

Online Store

This program allows a user to purchase cheese at a fixed rate and also records stats that may be useful to the store's manager.

Online Store Upgrade

This program is an upgrade of the previous one and allows a user to purchase cheese at a discounted rate. In addition, it also conducts an optional user survey.


This program allows a user to roll a dice as well as see the various outcomes of doing so.


This program allows a user to roll the dice from the previous program and use it to play the classic game of Craps.

Circle Bounce

This program simulates the bouncing of two circles around a canvas.


This program simulates a pinball and allows a user to move two paddles.

X-Treme Coding Webpage

This website displays how extreme coding can be and includes an animated video embedded in the site.

Space Invaders

In this program, the user controls a spaceship and battles alien invaders while dodging enemy bullets.

Circle Array

This program generates 100 circles each with a random colour, size, and velocity.

Internet Website

This website describes the issues of Net Neutrality, Internet Censorship, and Digital Divide and styles the layout appropriately.


In this program, a user can control a submarine with the WASD keys and observe a randomly generated aquarium created by arrays. They can also spawn new fish with the spacebar.

Number Array

This program generates 5000 random numbers in an array and displays the largest, smallest, and average of the numbers. It also allows a user to input a number to search for its position in the array.

Space Invaders Upgrade

This program is similar to the last Space Invaders game, but the invaders are controlled by an array, meaning that the number that can be on the screen is almost limitless. Also, the spaceship can move and fire in four directions.

Throne of Bayonets

This is my final project for this year: a game called "Throne of Bayonets"! It's a story-based game with lots of animations, cutscenes, and mini-games. It took me a long time (and I mean a really long time) to make, so I hope you enjoy!